Chapter 1 Why we love R

We are extremely pleased that you have picked up this book to learn R for health data analysis. Even if you’re already familiar with the R language, you will probably find new approaches here as we make the most of the latest R packages and tools including some we’ve developed ourselves. Those already familiar with R are encouraged to still skim through the first two chapters to familiarise with the style of R we recommend.

Here are the main reasons we love R:

  • R is versatile and powerful - use it for
    • graphics
    • all the statistics you can dream of
    • machine learning, deep learning
    • automated reports
    • websites
    • books (yes, R can be used to make whole websites or books, this one is written in R)
  • R scripts can be reused - gives you efficiency and reproducibility
  • It is free to use by anyone, anywhere
R logo, © 2016 The R Foundation.

R logo, © 2016 The R Foundation.