15.7 Decrypt specific information only

Decryption requires the private key generated using genkeys() and the password set at the time. The password and file are not replaceable so need to be kept safe and secure. It is important to only decrypt the specific pieces of information that are required. The beauty of this system is that when decrypting a specific cell, the rest of the data remain secure.

gp_encrypt %>%  
  slice(1:2) %>%     # Only decrypt the rows and columns necessary
#> A tibble: 1,212 x 8
#>   organisation_code city        county     postcode 
#>   <chr>             <chr>       <chr>      <chr>    
#> 1 S10002            DUNDEE      ANGUS      DD2 5NH  
#> 2 S10017            CRIEFF      PERTHSHIRE PH7 3SA