2.12 Getting help

RStudio has a built in Help tab. To use the Help tab, click your cursor on something in your code (e.g. read_csv()) and press F1. This will show you the definition and some examples. F1 can be hard to find on some keyboards, an alternative is to type in, e.g., ?read_csv - this will also open the Help tab for this function.

However, the Help tab is only useful if you already know what you are looking for but can’t remember exactly how it works. For finding help on things you have not used before, it is best to Google it. R has about 2 million users so someone somewhere has had the same question or problem.

In addition to the Help tab, RStudio also has a Help drop-down menu at the very top (same row where you find “File”, "Edit, etc.). The most notable thing in the Help drop-down menu are the Cheatsheets. These tightly packed two-pagers include many of the most useful functions from tidyverse packages. They are not particularly useful to learn from, but invaluable as an aide-mémoire.